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Engage and stay in front of your audience

Retain the social audience that you have already worked hard to cultivate. Using the Defero platform keep publishing interesting and targeted content that will give your users no reason to unsubscribe.

Schedule the Defero generated content when it is best to be communicating with your audience. You can also add your own broadcasts to the queue and have them delivered at the best time for the best return.

Defero is designed to be accessed from anywhere at anytime. Use your computer, mobile device or tablet at any time to manage your automated communications.

For more information about what we do check out this short explainer video.


Engaging Social Media



Human curated and categorised content.



Access the Defero platform from anywhere you are.


Keep your audience engaged.



We can help you build your social presence with out one-on-one consulting services.

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Send us an email or call us at:

Aperim Pty Ltd

Australia:   1300 661 585
USA / World:   +1 (212) 401 7970
Fax:         +61 2 8905 0769
E-mail:    hello@defero.buzz



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